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Durable, Functional ,Stylish & Comfortable

We are very excited to have this leading Brand in workwear come on board.  Paul has been using their clothes for many years & can confirm the quality is spot on  & that they do last.

Blåkläder is intended for those who are looking for function & quality.

Clothes that last longer, reducing your cost & the consumption of Earth’s resources.

This workwear just loves dirty workshops, muddy building sites, weld spatter and grinding wheel sparks. Cold winter days, drizzle and biting winds are also welcome. This is because Blåkläder's garments are designed to protect you when you work in exposed environments.

Craftsman trousers have three needle seams at stress points taking almost a kilometre wire for one trouser, giving you a garment that is so durable & providing a lifetime warranty on the seams. Distinguishing real quality garments from mass-production low-priced imports.

Blåkläder believe that you demand as much from your working clothes as from your tools.

Blåkläder is always exploring the most sustainable solutions.

We are in the process of loading our website with these products.  Please contact Debbie or Paul by email at


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