Timonox Passive Fire Protection

Conventional paints are not formulated to slow down the spread of flame in the event of fire.  It is only with the use of specially formulated flame retardant paints that the fire rating of painted surfaces can be improved.

Crown Trade Timonox offers a cost effective solution

Crown Trade Timonox has a long, well established history of providing a first line of defence against the spread of flames, and so offers a comprehensive solution to the perceived ‘Duty of Care’ for building owners, facility managers or employers to protect the occupants of their properties.

Currently, fire legislation is in place which affects both new and existing buildings.

Timonox right

Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings offer a total flame retardant solution which can slow down the spread of flames on walls and ceilings, buy precious time for evacuation, protect buildings and help save lives.


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