Purdy Pail and liner packs

by Purdy

Purdy Pail


The Purdy Pail does more so pros can too. This pail has multiple grip options, including a flexible bail and coffee-cup style side grip which can help reduce hand fatigue. The roller grid and rest fits up to 4.5" mini rollers, adding to job site productivity while a strong magnet allows users to rest their brush in or out of the paint. Liners are available separately and provide quick and easy cleanup.

Purdy Pail Liners - 3 Pack


Liners designed to perfectly fit in the Purdy® Pail. Perfect fit liners 3 pack provide quick and easy cleanup at the end of each project. Liners allow for full functionality of brush magnet, roller rest, and mini roller grid all with the added efficiency of easy removal.

  • Fit Purdy Pail perfectly
  • Provides quick cleanup
  • Brush magnet compatible
  • Pack of three liners