Saw blade WOOD UNIVERSAL HW 216x2,3x30 W36

by Festool
SKU 500124

For: KS 60

For high-precision results with every cross cut.

Resilient, precise and perfectly adapted to the machine and material: The WOOD UNIVERSAL saw blade is the all-rounder for machining strips of solid wood; Multiplex/multilayered wood, MDF and HDF, as well as fibreboard made from soft plastics. This is because it is only the combination of the machine, saw blade and material that enables a truly perfect cut.

  • The all-rounder for all types of wood materials and soft plastics
  • Saw teeth made of high-quality metal – for optimum saw progress and perfect cuts
  • Cutting angle and tooth shape are adapted to the application and machine
  • Colour coding makes it easier to select the correct saw blade