Wallrock Insulating Lining Paper Graphite Plus

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Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+ is a brand new product that utilizes the natural reflectivity of graphite combined with polystyrene cells to create an effective energy saving insulating wallcovering. It has been approved by the Energy Saving Trust due to its thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. The material is treated with a fire retardant.

Made from a 4mm thick layer of BASF expanded polystyrene, infused with graphite particles and laminated to a reinforced backing, Graphite+ delivers 20% better insulation performance than standard Insulating Lining Paper. This is equivalent to having an extra 26cm of concrete on your walls over and above an insulating lining paper.

The special graphite particles act like thousands of mirrors reflecting radiant heat back into the room and thus reducing heat loss and energy bills. Graphite+ is a paste the wall product which makes it easier use. Furthermore the product is extremely effective in disguising uneven and defective wall surfaces.

Wallrock® strongly recommend using our Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive for application of this product, and can unfortunatley not accept responsibility for adhesion problems when an alternative adhesive has been used.

For the perfect finish, overhang with Wallrock Fibreliner ® or other suitable product from the Wallrock family.

Single length: 10m x 0.5m coverage: 5m² approx