Wallrock Fibreliner Premium 200


When a perfectly smooth flat finish is required, Wallrock Premium is the product for the job, not only will it give you a beautiful contemporary smooth finish, it also has added weight for improved durability and strength, the pigment impregnated, acid free material has been crafted for efficient paint coverage allowing your paint to go further.

The carefully selected textile fibres and high quality pulp ensure that this product is able to cope with high traffic areas.

As with all our products in the Wallrock range, Wallrock Premium allows walls and ceilings to breathe, reinforces surfaces and provides an exemplary foundation for either paint or decorative wallpaper. Precision like smoothness and durability combined with easy and fast application are the hallmarks of Wallrock Premium.

Wallrock Premium 200 has a semi-gloss finish, smooth as new plaster.

Wallrock Fibreliner Premium

  1. Paste the wall or the paper
  2. Amazing strength and durability
  3. Disguises imperfections
  4. Excellent surface for paint or paper
  5. Reinforces walls and ceilings
  6. Tough and durable
  7. Allows walls to breathe
  8. Contains no pvc
  9. Uses paper from well managed sources
  10. Fire rated C-s1,d0

single length: 10m x 55cm coverage: 5.5m² approx
double length: 20m x 75cm coverage: 15m² approx