• Contractor Wallpaper Hanging Brush

    Contractor Wallpaper Hanging Brush


    Synthetic bristles for smoothing Rust resistant stainless steel ferrule 180mm (7") width

  • Dark Mage Brush (Onyx Series)

    Dark Mage Brush (Onyx Series)

    Axus Decor
    from £4.16

    Slightly oval shaped stock Unique Tricho filament leaves no brush marks Exceptional performance with all paints Medium stiffness Available in 5 si...

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  • Flat Fitch

    Flat Fitch

    from £1.70

    Ideal for cutting-in, touching up & small detail work Pure lily bristle with plain wood handle  

  • Frenchic Brushes
    Frenchic Brushes

    Frenchic Brushes

    from £8.45

    Frenchic's Italian handcrafted brushes are made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows the brushes to absor...

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  • Frenchic Detailing Brushes

    Frenchic Detailing Brushes


    Frenchic Detailing Brushes - a set of 4 smaller brushes for the decorative painter to reach the parts that other brushes cannot reach! Handcrafted ...

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  • Odd Spot Brush

    Odd Spot Brush


    Pure Lily bristle Angled head & long handle for accessing awkward positions

  • Pointed Precision Brush Set

    Pointed Precision Brush Set

    Axus Decor

    These brushes feature a pointed stock of super-fine, tapered, synthetic filaments for easy painting of sash windows, architraves, and other mouldin...

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  • Premier Wallpaper Hanging Brush

    Premier Wallpaper Hanging Brush


    100% Pure Lily bristle is particularly suitable for delicate papers Wooden handle with finger-slot for comfort & control Wide: 230mm (9")

  • Pro Extra Monarch Brushes

    Pro Extra Monarch Brushes


    Applies 30% more paint onto walls and ceilings than any other brush The Pro Extra Monarch is ideal for oil-based paints as the long and thick brist...

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  • Professional Wallpaper Hanging Brush

    Professional Wallpaper Hanging Brush


    Wooden handle with finger slot for comfort & control 100% pure grey bristle for firm smoothing Width: 200mm (8")

  • Radiator Brush

    Radiator Brush


    100% Pure black bristle head set at 90º to shaft Long thin metal shaft to get behind radiators & accessing awkward positions

  • Round Fitch

    Round Fitch

    from £1.70

    Ideal for touching up & small detail work Pure lily bristle with plain wood handle  

  • S-Finish Brush (Grey Series)
    S-Finish Brush (Grey Series)

    S-Finish Brush (Grey Series)

    Axus Decor
    from £2.49

    This brush features a full-bodied stock of super-fine, tapered, synthetic filaments, engineered to pick up a large amount of paint and deliver it e...

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  • Sample Pot Brush

    Sample Pot Brush

    Axus Decor

    Mini brushes ideal for trying out a few colours. Twin brush pack

  • Striker Brush

    Striker Brush

    from £5.52

    100% Pure bristle with wooden handle

  • Synthetic Slant Fitch

    Synthetic Slant Fitch


    100% Synthetic bristle for fine detail work with all paintsSharp angle, slant cut designed for cutting-in Handle - WoodenFerrule - Stainless SteelI...

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  • Tar Brush

    Tar Brush


    Handle: Wooden Ideal uses: Tar, Bitumen & viscous materials Short handle. Durable fibre bristle for bitumen and viscous materials

  • Wire Brush

    Wire Brush


    4 Row Wire Brush Hardened steel scraper for heavy duty scraping For preparatory work, removing rust, scale, old paintwork & pointing Quality ...

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