Brushmaking since the 18th Century

Hamilton’s rich heritage can be traced back over 250 years when one man established a small brushmaking business in Norwich, the town that was to become the centre for the trade.

Over the years, the company evolved, ownership changed hands and challenges of war made their mark. But thanks to the perseverance of our predecessors as well as developments in materials and processes, our brushes became renown for their quality and durability.

Our Ranges

We want you to always have the choice: our ranges are designed to allow the user to discern by task, by desired finish, by ease of use and of course, by skill level. We have developed our Perfection, Prestige, Performance and For The Trade ranges to make this easy.

Our Perfection range fulfils the needs of the discerning painting and decorating professional.  A comprehensive portfolio of brushes, rollers and tools for all applications, surfaces and paint.  Choose your tool for the job at hand. The finest decorating tools for a perfect finish.

Our Prestige range allows the painter and decorator to select from a distinctive range of great quality tools. This selection of brushes, rollers, tools and accessories fulfils all decorating needs and allows the user to stock-up their toolkit.  A tool for every job.

Our Performance range combines choice, practicality and speed across a wide choice of reliable tools. This catalogue of brushes, rollers, decorating tools and accessories provides a decent tool for every job, where time is money.  Good tools for a top quality job.

A range of tools for the multi-skilled trades? Consider it done.  Our brand new For the Trade range is simple, providing easy choice, and includes brushes, sleeves, frames, roller sets, tools, surface protection and accessories.