Dual Roll Off Bucket, lids and liners


Dual Roll Off Bucket

Designed for projects that hold up to 19L of paint.

The Dual Roll-Off Bucket is designed for major projects holding up to 19L of paint. It's internal grid pattern allows multiple users to load paint at the same time, increasing efficiency and productivity on large jobs. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort when carrying heavy loads and it can be put onto castors for easy movement around the room.Our bucket also includes a side pour spout for easy decanting of paint. This is so much more than just a bucket.

Dual Roll Off Bucket Lid

This lid creates a portable system to move paint and supplies with one trip. The Dual Roll-Off Premium Bucket Lid clips onto the Dual Roll-Off Bucket, allowing users to store paint in the bucket between coats.

Dual Roll Off Bucket Liners

Designed for use with Dual Roll-Off bucket. Makes clean up fast and easy. Patented Roll-Off grid pattern provides the ideal amount of paint pick-up, consistent paint distribution and smooth wall application. Perfect for when a quick colour change is needed or when using more than one colour. Easy remove tab allows painters to easily remove the liner. 3 pack of liners.