by Teknos

Water-borne anticorrosive paint

Water-borne tintable anticorrosive paint for priming, top coating and one layer painting for nearly all unpainted and previously painted metal surfaces indoors and outdoors. Excellent adhesion to metal and painted surfaces, as well as good weather and wear resistance. Corrosivity categories C4 and C5. Finish: semi-matt.

Objects to be painted: Metal surfaces indoors and outdoors. Steel and iron surfaces, when excellent anticorrosive properties and/or adhesion priming are required: e.g. sheet-iron roofs, facades, balcony constructions, roof ladders, fence constructions, doors, windows, pillars, beams, fixed and detached furniture. Recommended substrates: Various metal surfaces, such as iron, steel, zinc-coated steel, galvanized sheet steel (roof and facade sheets), aluminium and copper. Metal surfaces previously painted or primed with acrylate, alkyd, polyurethane, epoxy and polyester binder based paints or coatings. Adhesion on prefabrication primers is also good. Good weather resistance, so top coating is not necessary. Excellent colour and gloss retention.