by Teknos

HELO 90 is a fast drying urethane/alkyd based varnish with good resistance properties. The varnish is suitable for varnishing all demanding woodwork indoors and outdoors. Finish: full gloss.

Examples of uses are wooden plank and parquet floors, furniture, yachts and other wooden surfaces whenever a durable varnish coat is desired.

HELO 90 provides excellent resistance to action by weather and water. The varnish film has good gloss retention and does not crack or disintegrate. The varnish contains UV absorber, and therefore the resultant coat yellows very little. It protects the woodwork against greying and cracking. HELO 90 produces a varnish film which is hard and at the same time elastic and thus withstands abrasion and impacts. Detergents, grease or oil do not damage it.