Perfection Short Pile Roller Sleeve


Our Perfection Short Pile high density microfibre roller sleeve is designed for a fine finish on smooth surfaces, with the added benefits of excellent paint pick-up and coverage. Fabric is thermobonded to the core to prevent any unwinding, even when soaked in water or solvent. Suitable for use with emulsion, solvent-based and water-based primers, undercoat and eggshell paints. Use a short pile sleeve for surfaces such as those recently plastered (dry), plasterboard and lining paper. Mini sleeves are also great for furniture and doors.


  • High density microfibre for excellent pick-up and coverage
  • For a fine, flat finish on smooth surfaces
  • Thermobonded fabric prevents unwinding
  • Minimal spatter
    • 1.75″ core
    • Reduced fibre loss
    • Easy to clean
    • Larger fabric surface for additional paint pick-up