TIMBABUILD EWS Stablizer 300ml


Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Stabiliser is a specially designed two-part low viscosity, solvent free, resin primer which is designed to strengthen weakened wood fibres by penetrating deep into the wood.

EWS is designed to be used as a primer in conjunction with the Epoxy Rapid Cure (ERC10) or Epoxy High Build (EHB60) systems. Once the damaged, decayed and discoloured wood has been removed by use of a suitable cutter tool such as a router or chisel, then the area to be treated is lightly sanded to ensure excellent adhesion. The moisture content of the wood should be no greater than 18% (check using a standard moisture meter) and damp wood should be allowed to dry naturally, or by way of a hot air gun. The two components are mixed manually into a separate container, and thoroughly agitated for one minute. The 2:1 mixing ratio should be strictly observed. EWS should be applied using a standard brush and left to cure for at least 20 minutes.
Use disposable paint brushes - cleaning is not possible after use.

Key benefits

• Solvent Free - suitable for indoors and outdoors
• Excellent Penetration due to the Low Viscosity
• Pre-measured to Volume 2:1 ratio to ensure accurate mix
• High Strength & Durability
• Fast and Simple to Use, Easy to Clean and Store
• Used with both the ERC10 & EHB60 systems



Coverage per 300ml pack (m2)

Hard wood


Soft Wood


Damaged Wood


* This coverage is a guide only based on our own internal tests.