by Teknos

Wood preservative primer

Wood preservative product approved according to the regulations in the Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (product-type 8). Approval no. UK-2013-0783-1-0001. WOODEX AQUA BASE PLUS is a ready to use, water-borne wood preservative for priming of wood surfaces prior to the surface treatment. WOODEX AQUA BASE PLUS is intended for consumer and professional use against wood discolouring fungi such as blue stains and moulds, and wood rotting fungi, in use classes 2 and 3 (EN 335). Can be used on timbers not in ground contact, either continually exposed to the weather or protected from the weather but subject to wetting. Not suitable for use on wooden constructions that are in direct contact with the ground, or that are in permanent contact with fresh or salt water.

Windows, external doors, facade claddings, board and timber constructions, fences, eaves, car shelters and similar untreated wooden surfaces outdoors. Wooden surfaces primed with WOODEX AQUA BASE PLUS must be top coated as soon as possible, but earliest 24 h after the treatment.